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Understanding and Valuing Your Needs

Over the past several years, I've devoted my practice working for doctors and I know first and foremost that your free time is scarce. This often leads to putting your retirement plan or reviewing your life and disability insurance on the backburner. By working with an experienced advisor, I'll work around your schedule to create goals and help obtain competitive premiums for your insurance. The key areas doctors typically seek are:

  • Tax saving strategies through retirement planning such as 401(k), SIMPLE/SEP IRA, IRAs

  • Individual Investing (i.e Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds)

  • Life and Disability Insurance

  • Business Overhead Expense Insurance (may be tax deductible)

As an independent advisor, all of our services are independent of a certain investment or insurance company. Since LPL does not sell products, we have the ability to seek the most suitable and lowest fee investment and insurance carrier. This helps my clients keep more of their money by saving on fees and/or premiums.

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